Installing Your ManaCare™ Dispenser System

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Congratulations on your new ManaCare™ Dispenser!

Or, maybe you’re just interested in how this all works. Either way, read below to learn how to set up ManaCare™ in your home or business location.


MANA Care TM takes 15 minutes to install.

For best result, attach to a hard surface, tiled wall, shower insert or a mirror.
Allow the silicone to dry for 12 hours, while the sticky tape holds the back plate in place.

The hood and bottles are attached after the back plate has adhered to the hard surface.

If you choose to relocate, MANA Care is removable with no harm to the hard surface installation.

With a razor blade and alcohol, all resin can be cleaned off as though it was never there.

1 When you receive your MANA Care™ unit, decide where you want to install it; any smooth, hard, flat surface will work. First clean the surface area with alcohol to remove any soap or other residue then allow the surface to dry.

2 To open, hold MANA Care™ face down in one hand. With the other hand, place your index finger on the latch (Fig. 1) and gently pull back to release the backplate, sliding it down towards you (Fig. 2).

3 Remove paper from one side of the sticky tape patches. Place sticky tape to the backplate where the white squares are depicted. Apply all, of the silicone adhesive around plate and down the center (Fig.3).

4 After applying all, of the silicone, remove the paper off the other side of the sticky tape tabs. Level your backplate where you have predetermined for installation. Place the backplate against the surface. With both thumbs over the sticky tape tab area, press and hold for 4 seconds. Then just simply leave it alone. The silicone will dry in 12 hours.

5 To remove the bottles, turn the hood and bottles so that the front faces you. Using both thumbs, press down on the pumps, pushing them through the holes on the hood (Figs. 5 and 6).

Note: Icon Stickers are provided to label your Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap and Lotion (Fig. 5).

6 Filling the bottles with your product: Remove the cap from the bottom of the bottle. Fill the MANA Care™ bottle to the bottom of the neck (Fig. 7). For best results, do not overfill. Replace the cap. Ensure the cap and pump are twisted tightly to the bottle.

7 After 12 hours and the backplate installation has had time to dry, insert both bottles back into the hood by placing the pump head through the hole first. Press forward with the top of the bottle in place (Fig. 8).

8 Align the hood with the backplate (Fig.9).

9 Press the hood against the smooth surface slightly above the backplate until flush all around (Fig. 10).

10 Push down. The hood will snap into place on the backplate (Fig. 11).

11 Repeat this process any where else you would like to install MANA Care™ (Fig. 12).

To reopen, simply push upward on the hood just below the pumps. The latch will release, and the hood and bottles will come off, back into your hand. For helpful hints see View Instruction Manual button at the top of this page. Once again, thank you for your participation and interest in dispensing.

WARNING: Freezing MANA Care™, may result in expansion of the Vacuum chamber causing expansion of product, please winterize your RV or BOAT for best result. Extremely thick products like creams or thick butter products are not recommended. If it is too thick to displace air you may have to rinse it out.

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