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David Adamson

David Adamson


“We have found something wonderful, rare and that will help us all for generations to come.”

Hi, my name is Dave Adamson, developer of a new product; we call it MANA Care ™.

Over two decades ago I was a father to a beautiful daughter with cerebral palsy. Her name was Emily. Doctors told us she wouldn’t live beyond the age of twelve years. With technology developing, she actually lived to the age of twenty. As she grew, the needs for care increased, so bathing her was a lot of work.

I purchased a dispensing device to attach to the wall so soap and shampoo would be easier to reach. I soon realized the product I had put into this device would spoil over time. On closer inspection, the bottle inside had continuous airflow that would dry the soap product on top, and it would turn into the perfect environment for bacteria growth.

I stopped using that device, and further discoveries showed that many devices on the market that were refillable had the same problem. It was then I decided to create a better, refillable bottle for dispensing liquid amenities.

At the local grocer we can all see the increasing competition for your business resulting in expensive packaging and pumps, all of which they expect us to throw away when used. With environmental issues on the rise, refillable, dispensing at home ushers in a new era for liquid product use.

Emily passed away in 2009. Without her, I wouldn’t have done it. I give her all credit. Refillable dispensing is handy in many ways, it removes clutter, saves money through buying bulk products, and helps us to clean up the environment.

This new hybrid bottle keeps your product fresh for longer periods of time.

I set out to fix that, and we have.

Emily, daughter, pictured here.

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