Commit to Greener Business Practices

More than half of all consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products and services from businesses that are committed to social and environmental impact.

We make it simple to get your business started with green initiatives.

From hotels to beauty suppliers to RV’s or if you own a bathroom products line, our business is willing to share in this green alternative. It is our generation’s responsibility to provide better environmental solutions. From supply chain optimization to simply eliminating plastic waste, let’s work together, small changes have a tremendous impact on human health and the health of our home planet.


Easy Maintenance

We wanted a solution that keeps it simple. Our design saves you time and money while keeping your liquid products fresher for longer periods of time.

 Buying Bulk Saves

Buying bulk products saves you cost overhead in the long run and helps your business commit to green practices.

Cleanliness is Key

Contaminated products matter much more in a commercial setting. Keeping your products fresh for longer keeps your workers and customers safe from unexpected bouts with bacteria.

A Refillable Device

Eliminates expensive disposable bags or cartridges. A refillable device allows two or more premium products of your choice in one convenient location. Commercial unit locking. Residential no lock.

Advertising Value

A customized hood on this product can be a natural billboard for the advertisement of premium products inside. We believe a customer in a hotel shower experiencing your products is a plus.

Private Label

GOING GREEN: Now your company can take part in the trendsetting revolution with your company logo and product information either on the hood or by means of a QR code.

Good Plastic

Good plastic is reusable plastic. We are committed to cleaning up the planet by eliminating small plastic bottles and paper waste. Join with us and partner for a brighter future for ourselves and the planet.

Contact us today to find out how we can supply MANA Care products for your business.

Let’s work together for a greener future.