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Product Info

What is your product?

MANA Care ™, A two chamber, refillable dispensing device that mounts to any hard-clean surface. This is not your average refillable device. This product allows you to take the bottle inside with you. It is airtight and portable. Take it with you to the beach, camping or to the gym, and when you get home it goes back in the wall mount. Something you can use every day again and again; there’s nothing like it in the marketplace.

How does it work?

The pump mechanism works in relation to the function. Every time you pump the diaphragm inside, the pump takes a sip of air to replace the quantity of product that just left. This sip of air through displacement rises to the top of the bottle. At the top of the bottle is a vacuum bubble. This bubble holds the product suspended in the bottle, even if the pump is removed. This process allows your personal products to descend with the assistance of Mother Earth’s gravity, equally and evenly until the last ounce is in the fill cap, which is drawn by the dip tube on the pump.

What problem(s) does your product solve?

Many refillable dispensers of the past have required continual airflow by means of a loose-fitting lid or a hole in the top of the bottle to allow their pump to work properly. Continual airflow is harmful to your liquid products by drying them out and creating the perfect environment for bacteria to grow– continual airflow + food source = bacteria.  A commercially available pump was chosen because it works. Other pump mechanisms require complicated priming and continual airflow to function. The MANA Care pump is recognizable and long-lasting. The dip tube extends right down into the bottom cap to ensure you get every ounce. 

Product Details:

Box: A high-impact corrugated shipper box, retail hook tab, colorful graphics defining product use and benefits.

Hood and Backplate: ABS durable polymer plastic, injection molded hood and backplate, heat and shrink resistant. Vented housing structure to deflect and drain water allows quick drying. Locking unit for commercial use will become available in 2019 and non-locking available now for residential use.

Backplate: Backplate or wall mount has been designed for bonding to smooth surfaces and to integrate with the hood smoothly by means of a rail system on the perimeter. The latch center of the backplate is for securing the hood. When mounted to the wall (by means of components, sticky tape and silicone), the backplate adheres to the smooth, clean, hard surface. Additional sink holes are provided in this framework for mounting sink screws into a wood or soft wall mounting surface (screws not included).

Hood: The hood, with elegant teardrop shape, will attach to the backplate by means of an integrated track system. The hood is designed for two purposes. One purpose is to make the loading and unloading of the bottles easier, with two holes for inserting. Purpose two is to deflect water through its shape. Another elongated hole is in the center hood for checking product volume (if the hood is made of a solid color). This opening also helps the device to dry out and vent excess water or condensation. Transparent is our initial choice of material color, allowing customers to see the bottle contents and volume. Transparent is less obvious in any decor.

Bottle: Blow-molded polyurethane bottles. The bottle design is the heart of the MANA Care TM program and exclusive to EDS (vacuum-bubble regulated gravity-fed bottle). Two 12.5 oz. bottles with foam-lined caps and commercial-grade pumps are included. The bottle thread has been designed to integrate with the cap to bite down hard onto the foam lining to prevent leaking and prevent stripping of the thread. The threaded cap and bottle are manufactured by EDS. After filling the bottle and placing upright, air displaces in the bottle creating a VACUUM-BUBBLE effect on the product, keeping product fresh for longer periods of time.

Pump: Products are released from the bottle by means of a (recognizable) industry standard, lotion-sized, leak-proof pump. As the pump draws product, it also draws a sip of air equivalent to the volume of product leaving (via a diaphragm). The pump dip tube will extract the last ounce of product from the base cap. The pump is not manufactured by EDS, but commercially available.

Components: One comprehensible instruction sheet with large graphics, two 3M style double-side sticky tape patches, one 1/8 oz. tube of silicone, four waterproof icons for product recognition, two locking pump collars for travel, two extra caps for storage.

Additional Benefits


Were going manual, and we are in this for a zero-waste environment. The list of benefits of a touchless dispenser are as equally long as the list of disadvantages. Going green for a recession- proof method is worth it to us. Anyone with access to the internet knows the environmental impact batteries have on our planet.


After two decades in the making, we are confident this product meets all the requirements for a sustainable, interactive device. Designed to interact with gallon products, MANA Care delivers its contents reducing the need for disposables, while at the same time allowing the convenience of travel. A complete alternative for a more organized, cost-efficient lifestyle. 

Reduces Contamination

Bacteria can grow anywhere if provided three elements: a food source, moisture, and oxygen flow. Now, this is where it all started. Many refillable devices require continual oxygen to function, whether it is a loose-fitting cap on the top or a hole for breathing. MANA Care is a sealed environment. This bottle only breathes when in use. Any air inside MANA is sealed and under pressure–a controlled environment. Our patent-pending air displacement process is of great value to how we use a refillable device.

Recession Proof 

When things get tight, you have a system for distributing your favorite products from larger volume containers. When times really get tough and dilution is necessary, this product will do the job. Cut up a bar of soap, insert into our bottle, add water, and see what we mean.

Rinsing Made Easy

 Soaps are messy and leave resin. Having fewer components to clean is best. Some refillable products of the past have as high as nine molded parts to maintain. MANA Care has three: bottle, pump, and cap. Our bottle design allows hot water to flow in a circular pattern and exit through the pump spout to allow a clean flush.


Your home bathroom is a personal space. Lotions, sanitizer, hair gel, and soap are all portable amenities. We all have our favorites. For an on-the-go lifestyle, taking them with you is convenient. MANA Care can travel with you. If you have an RV or cabin that you frequent, MANA will house the portable replacement to make your stay feel like home.

Safe for the Workplace

Contaminated products matter much more in a commercial setting. Keeping your products fresh for longer keeps your workers and customers safe from unexpected bouts with bacteria.

Private Label

Earth Dispensing Solutions, Inc. is willing to license private labeling to companies that can utilize our patent pending technology. By sharing this solution to refillable dispensing, we demonstrate our commitment to environmental concerns. Companies that see this benefit, and have bulk, new age liquid products to distribute, can now share in all the benefits this product brings to the consumer.

Changing Out Product

Soaps and lotions are less viscous than other liquids. Being sticky, they take time and management. When changing out liquids, our bottle design has been developed to interact with gallon containers. Made to fit the opening of a gallon container, our bottle fits inside the gallon opening. By removing the pump, your products will flow back (hands-free) for a thorough drain.

Real Life Applications for MANA Care™

Medically assisted living, recovering from surgery, balancing problems, or bathing babies; MANA Care can assist all of the above. The pump delivers product under five pounds pressure. No bottles to struggle with or complicated caps. This device will ensure you get every ounce.

Today the science behind liquid products can be very complicated. As a result, the product becomes more expensive. This product challenges design to keep up with the times. Our design meets those demands. Functionality has been our goal from beginning to the finish.

Commit to a low-waste future, starting in the bathroom. From business to home, purchasing soap and hygiene products in bulk saves money and the planet. By mounting a refillable, sanitizer dispenser, you can do your part to be clean and eco-friendly. 

Take your personal products with you to the beach, camping, or to the gym. MANA Care can be there; it’s portable.

Product History

Hi, my name is Dave Adamson, developer of a new product we call MANA Care ™.

Over two decades ago I was a father to a beautiful daughter with cerebral palsy. Her name was Emily. Doctors told us she wouldn’t live beyond the age of twelve years. With the help of developing technology, she actually lived to the age of twenty. As she grew, the needs for care increased, so bathing her was a lot of work.

I purchased a dispensing device to attach to the wall so soap and shampoo would be easier to reach. I soon realized the product I had put into this device would spoil over time. On closer inspection, the bottle inside had continuous airflow that would dry the soap product on top, and it would turn into the perfect environment for bacteria growth.

I stopped using that device, and further discoveries showed that many devices on the market that were refillable had the same problem. It was then I decided to create a better, refillable bottle for dispensing liquid amenities.

At the local grocer we can all see the increasing competition for your business, resulting in expensive packaging and pumps, all of which we are expected to throw away when used. With environmental issues on the rise, refillable, dispensing at home ushers in a new era for liquid product use.

Emily passed away in 2009. Without her, I wouldn’t have done it. I give her all credit. Refillable dispensing is handy in many ways. It removes clutter, saves money through buying bulk products, and helps us to clean up the environment.

This new hybrid bottle keeps your product fresh for longer periods of time.

I set out to fix that, and we have.

Press Release

Utah Man Discovers a New Innovative Bottle Technology
MANA Care™ the first vacuum-bubble, refillable bottle.

Lehi, Utah (January 1, 2019)-Earth Dispensing Solutions, Inc., the owner of a patent-pending bottle technology, launched its new product, MANA Care™. MANA Care™ is focused on reducing plastic waste while minimizing consumer liquid product cost. Originally developed to minimize liquid soap surface bacteria created by moisture and airflow in current dispensing bottles, MANA Care™ has evolved and can be used with many different liquid products.

“This innovative bottle is far superior to anything in the marketplace,” said Quinn Adamson, President of Earth Dispensing Solutions.  “It is an ingenious new method for liquid product distribution. This liquid dispenser will be a tremendous value to businesses and individuals who want to minimize their environmental footprint. We expect a tremendous sales impact through our convenient, user-friendly device.”

Hundreds of liquid product companies could utilize this eco-refillable solution. “With this product, many business owners and entrepreneurs will be able to access markets that were untouchable before,” said Adamson.

Earth Dispensing Solutions, Inc., is known for sustainable, refillable, environmentally-responsible solutions to cleanliness. The company’s mission is to 1) support earth awareness by minimizing plastic waste from disposable containers while 2) minimizing consumer liquid product cost.

For more information visit the company’s website at

Social Media

Message from the Creators of MANA Care™

We have observed the world of refillable dispensing. After two decades of testing, we feel this year, 2019, is the right time to bring this product forward. We are going green.

Our company began on January 28, 2018. Our goal is to make MANA Care™ a household name by 2025. By utilizing the benefits of the MANA bottle, we are confident that we can achieve this goal.

We are out to make an impact on how we consume commercial products and how we can prevent excessive waste. We are passionate about expanding our environmentally-conscious awareness through social media and interaction.  

We have a more sustainable way to deal with bulk products which are less expensive for the consumer to purchase.

This bottle design can be a game changer in how we use our liquid amenities. Reduce, reuse and recycle has been our strategy in the making of MANA Care™. This product is a complete, nice alternative to the practice of our forefathers. By launching this campaign, we hope to acquire the assistance needed at this time. Together we can all make a difference.


What Risks and Challenges have you Faced?

Working out details of a project that has never been mass produced before is very tricky. Our experienced team has provided the skills necessary. Overcoming obstacles is always the challenge. Meeting the fulfillment of our customers is first on our minds right now. Born in January of 2018, the concept has been tested and rehearsed for two decades now. Hindsight is foresight. We have paid the price in the past and are ready now to deliver the best practice and the best product.

Why Are You Crowdfunding?

Aluminum tools have been made. These are short-run tools. We are raising funds to tool this product in steel molds for producing higher volumes of product and more selection. Join with us in sharing this new product with the world, designed for personal hygiene and cleaning up the planet too.

Get all the benefits of refillable soap dispensing, minus the waste. The best version of you and your planet dispenses with MANA Care™

Our Team