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Welcome to the discovery of the MANA Care family tree.

Our goal is to divert as many plastic bottles and as much paper waste from landfills for the preservation and sustainability of our planet.

We hope that through your sponsorship we can all together make a better world for generations to come. This innovative product has been 3 decades in the making and is now finally ready, designed with care to provide the best practice. Your support will create tools necessary to provide this product to the world we live on.

By caring for each other and the planet we will discover new ways to put an end to the senseless waste and harmful factors that surround us daily.

Our motto is, “Pump it, don’t dump it. Pump like you care, that’s MANA Care TM ”.

By our collective efforts we will create a more sustainable future for a healthier, safer practice that will challenge the marketing world we live in and make a difference for a brighter future.

By helping Mother Earth we help all living things.

Please bookmark this page for continued news and updates as we move forward on this journey.

Earth Dispensing Solutions, Inc. Thanks you and welcomes you to our new home!

Here's what people are saying about MANA Care TM

I am quite pleased with this product. I like its sleek design for a dispenser. I love not having bottles of product sitting in my shower, it is keeping my shower looking neat and clean.


With a new born in the home around flu season, having hand sanitizer readily available for ourselves and guests is a must. Mana Care allowed us to have sanitizer by our main door for easy use by everyone. Refilling is easy, and the pumps are great!


I am surprised with how easy it was to install. I like spending less time looking for product when I’m half asleep. It’s been over 30 days now and I still have product from the first fill. Thanks!


I constantly refill my hand soap containers and I like these because of the air tight compression and the design it keeps bacteria out of the clean soap.


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